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Thursday, January 31, 2019

How to solve undefined date and time in blogger


correcting undefined date in blogger
Date and time undefined towards the left

Have you been confronted with this problem of undefined date  and undefined time beside your posts and have wondered how to correct it? then you are at the right spot right now.

Sometimes when you change your template in blogger, you could be confronted with this problem of undefined date and time. 

Solving the undefined problem is quite simple but you could spend days trying to figure out the right solution when actually you dont know the right step to take.

Just follow these steps to correct the undefined date and time in blogger:

  1. Log into your blogger profile and click on settings, language and formatting
changing timestamp to correct undefined date and time problem in blogger
changing the timestamp

   2. Change the timestamp to day, month and year format.

e.g: Thursday, January 31, 2019

    3. Save your settings.

save settings and refresh your blog to correct undefined date and time
click save settings at the upper right corner of your dashboard

Bravo! you have corrected the undefined date and time problem in blogger. Just visit your blogger or refresh your browser if it is already opened on your tab.

undefined date and time corrected
Undefined date and time has been corrected

You can see from the image above the the undefined date and time problem in blogger has been corrected.

This this work for you? then share your comments with us below.

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